We help companies to increase profit, make operations more efficient and build a strong market position by providing them consultancy in following areas:

We support our Customers in creating new strategies or updating current ones in following ways:

  • Strategic analysis
  • Vision, mission and strategic goals development
  • Building a strategy detailed to functional level
  • Providing key resources
  • Value Based Management
  • Change management and risk management
  • Reorganization and restructuring

In the process of building and implementation of a strategy we utilize advanced, case-relevant methods, tools and models such as: VBM, Balanced Scorecard, TQM, MBO, Lean Management, Six Sigma and others.

Coming up with a well-prepared strategy and its successful implementation have a direct impact on company’s performance and its market position. Working side by side with Lograd’s advisors helps our Customers to make the best strategic decisions and to choose the best path for future development in uncertain and ever-changing market conditions, as well as makes successful strategy implementation feasible and comfortable.

We help our Clients to increase revenue by improvement of sales and marketing. Our focus is not only on sales volume per se, but also on reinforcement of sales processes, facilitating access to the market, upgrading skills of customer service, improving relations with customers etc., all together contributing to an ultimate success of sales activities.

We pay particular attention to following areas:

  • Sales strategy
  • Marketing strategy, brand strategy, product strategy
  • Efficiency of sales processes and their modification
  • Designing structures of Sales Departments
  • Pricing strategy
  • Strategy to reach the market, sales channels, market communication channels
  • Sales management – planning and budgeting, results evaluation, key indicators analysis
  • Sales management – sales targets and tasks, providing feedback, financial and non-financial motivation systems
  • CRM
  • Standards of customer service, customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, Customer Experience Management
  • Corporate Identity
  • Assistance in market research and analysis

A proper implementation of procedures for controlling, management accounting and budgeting cannot be overestimated in a well-managed company.

While providing assistance for managers and administrators we focus particularly on:

  • Implementation or modification of rules and standards regarding controlling and management accounting
  • Optimization of budgeting and monitoring of plans realization
  • Indicating specific actions designed to increase company’s profitability
  • Successful use of collected data and feedback in managerial decisions
  • Control and optimization of company’s operating expenses

We enhance companies’ operational processes by improving quality, reducing costs and boosting efficiency, concentrating mostly on:

  • Mapping and analysis of processes, as well as seeking areas for possible improvements
  • Optimization of processes, bottlenecks elimination, optimal use of available resources, costs optimization
  • Quality improvement
  • Implementation of project management standards
  • Implementation of Lean Management and Six Sigma standards
  • Processes management, targets, KPIs, indicators monitoring and analysis
  • Improvement of internal communication, better flow of information and knowledge sharing

Striving toward our Customers’ strategic goals we pay our attention also to soft aspects of management. Our work in the areas of internal communication, cooperation and motivation can be either part of a larger undertaking or a standalone project, aimed for company’s improvement in one of those fields.

Here are the key elements that we focus on:

  • Financial and non-financial motivation systems
  • Psychological aspects of team management
  • Organizational culture – research, analysis and modification or creating a new one
  • Conflict management
  • Change management

Our versatile team provides a wide, comprehensive insight into the company itself, its structure, operations and processes. All our services are customized and tailored to meet specific needs of our Customers and are in line with current market conditions, so that their implementation corresponds with goals of the company.