Our range of services in the area of marketing consulting is complemented by marketing outsourcing.
What is marketing outsourcing?

It is a service based on company’s reasonable decision to trust its marketing activities to other party. The Customer remains focused on its core operations while Lograd’s dedicated team is engaged in marketing on Customer’s behalf.

What are the benefits of marketing outsourcing?

We recommend this service to companies and organizations that appreciate the importance of professionally managed marketing activities, but for various reasons (financial, strategic, organizational etc.) choose not to create and maintain an in-house Marketing Department or decide not to expand its operations.

Here are key advantages of marketing outsourcing:

  • Opportunity to work with Lograd’s leading experts in the field of marketing
  • Good alternative to full-time employment – lower costs, less formalities, no recruitment and flexible terms of engagement
  • Facility for smooth and trouble-free cooperation – the Customer communicates with a dedicated counselor who provides marketing services and advice
  • Flexibility – this service is fully tailored to meet Customer’s current needs
  • Ease of supervision – all related tasks are coordinated by a dedicated counselor, including oversight of our trusted subcontractors and third parties
  • Simple settling of accounts – a single monthly invoice instead of employee’s reckoning and multiple other invoices
How can we work together?

A first step is to define a marketing strategy with a Customer, as well as its goals – both short-term and long-term. It will constitute a solid ground for a plan, schedule and budget. A dedicated counselor is in charge of all operations within agreed budget and constantly seeks new ideas and solutions to achieve given goals.

We offer full range of marketing services:

  • Brand strategy building and development
  • Advertising campaigns planning
  • Corporate Identity, including logos, visual identification – based on former consultancy
  • Graphic design, artwork, DTP, advertising materials, photo sessions, multimedia productions
  • Websites design, development and management
  • PR and copywriting (advertising materials, taglines, media articles, newsletters, bulletins, publications, product descriptions)
  • Marketing research and analysis
  • All other activities related to on-going marketing projects

We can work together either by means of full outsourcing with all marketing activities entrusted to us, or only partially, regarding selected projects.

All tasks committed to us are performed by a versatile team of professionals, supported by a trusted group of subcontractors. That is why our work is always of highest standards and supreme quality.